PP launch - Internet Marketing UK

Our Process - Pre and Post Launch Activities

Once we've thoroughly tested and debugged a site, there are still a number of elements that need to be set-up prior to launching or re-launching.

We have a checklist of tasks to ensure an optimal user experience and no loss of existing search engine positions. These may include:

  • If hosted with the website, check email accounts are properly set up
  • Check all outbound links including links to social media accounts
  • Implement 301 redirects, which tell search engines that page names have changed
  • Change DNS or "A" record for the domain
  • If eCommerce, test payment gateway with a live purchase
  • Set up Google Webmasters account
  • Set up a dynamic site map on the website (dynamic meaning that new pages added are automatically added to the sitemap)
  • Submit site map address (including RSS Feed) to webmaster account
  • Check in-site links after DNS change, and if required find and replace incorrect links
  • Set upon Content Delivery Network
  • Set up SSL (website security)
  • Set robots.txt file
  • Implement Google (or other) analytics scripts
  • Implement Remarketing code (if needed)

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