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Our Process - Test and Debug

When development is complete the website must be thoroughly tested. Technical functions need to be checked, and cross browser and cross device testing must be carried out to ensure everything is working properly.

Here are just some of the quality assurance (QA) checks we like to do at IMUK before we launch every site:

  • Content check: conduct a full review of the site's content for spelling and grammar.
  • Forms check: test out all of the forms on the site by completing each form like a visitor would. Does the form submit properly? Do any errors occur? Do you get directed to a thank you page? Does the form submission go to right people/ person?
  • Payment check: if it's an eCommerce website, process test orders and ensure all autoresponders and system emails are working
  • Page speed: We run stress tests on the site to ensure it will perform at an optimal speed. We check the speed of pages using Google's online Page Speed Insights tool to ensure web pages load fast on all devices.
  • Server test: We can run specific server tests to ensure there are not overall site speed and availability issues.
  • Browser check: We test the site on various browsers (eg. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer) to ensure there are not browser-specific issues.
  • Design check: Our graphics designers will go through the site and ensure images are displaying properly and the correct fonts and styles are being used.

Don't underestimate the importance of this part of the process and when developing your website project plan, be sure there is enough time allocated to having all the necessary QA check completed and completed properly.

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